Exhibition Extras

Here we showcase names, images, and work of additional individuals mentioned throughout the exhibition. 

Nambe Pueblo Dancers

ca. 1945

Alice Marriott

Portrait, Margaret Lefranc,

ca. 1945, 

Oklahoma Hall of Fame at the

Gaylord-Pickens Museum

Dr. Rudolph Kieve


Psychiatrist, Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany

Sina Brush

Working with Laura Gilpin, Photographer, 2018, with photographs by J.B. Smith

Larue "Sunny" Storm

Mary at Margaret's Studio, drawing, ca. 1960

Nambe House

Margaret's Nambe house prior to restoration, 1945

Governor's Award

Presented to Margaret Lefranc, 1996

Marjorie Kieve


Wife of Rudolph Kieve

Heart of Gold

100% Birgitta (Bjerke) wearable art, crochet

John "Brinck" Jackson


Author, publisher of Landscape magazine pictured: Entrance to the Royal Palace, Palerno, Italy, pencil, 1950

Maria Martinez

Potter, San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico, ca. 1945-1948, photo: Margaret Lefranc

Angelo Ravagli


Husband of Frieda Lawrence, photo: Margaret Lefranc (Schoonover)

Sina Brush

Author, New Mexico, worked with photographer Laura Gilpin

Birgitta Bjerke

Self-Portrait, Larkspur, 1973

Lois Katz

A Lifetime of Imaging: The Art of Margaret Lefranc, book, 2007 and film by same name, 2004 by Sandra McKenzie

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