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The Margaret Lefranc Art Foundation proudly presents a traveling exhibition, Margaret Lefranc and Friends. Exhibited together are painters, sculptors, photographers, as well as an anthropologist, a pueblo potter and an environmentalist dating from 1912 - 2006 alongside the 20th century Modernist, Lefranc. The history of each friendship is detailed in connecting texts written by Sandra McKenzie. The connecting text may be used in whole or in part at each curator's discretion. Works may be used in any order provided that linked pairs are displayed together as labeled on the back of each piece.

The exhibition includes a one page biography of each artist, written by Deborah Reeder: Max Weber, Arshile Gorky, Laura Gilpin (with various subjects including Georgia O’Keeffe who was also a friend), Lloyd Raymond Ney, Eric Adamson, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Gene Kloss, Anna Walinska, Annette (Stevens) Rada, Maria Martinez, Janet Lippincott, Stuart A. Ashman, Ron Pokrasso, Alice Marriott, Eugene “Gene” Massin, Audrey Corwin Wright, Klara Farkas, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Michael Preble, Dr. Betty Anglin, and Martha Kaplan. 

Other friends discussed in the connecting texts are Frieda Lawrence, W. H. Auden, Nicholai Fechin and daughter, Eya, Dr. Rudolph “Rudy” Kieve, and wife, Marjorie, as well as others.

Placing an exhibition of this size online for curators to view allows an art museum director/curator a quick and cost-effective way to preview the exhibition and make an informed decision about being part of the Margaret and Friends exhibition.


Sandra McKenzie, President

Margaret Lefranc Art Foundation

For questions or comments, email

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