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Please enjoy a glimpse into a lifetime of imaging, accomplished at the hands of Margaret Lefranc. A vastly talented and determined artist, Lefranc began her career at a remarkably young age, and courageously pursued her passion throughout her life, spanning nearly the entire twentieth century. 


Summer in Miami Beach (1960)
Pink Sky Over Red Mountain (1988)
Chrysanthemums (1930)
The Corral (1948)
Oklahoma Spring (1950)
Self-Portrait with Scissors (1965)
Tulips with Ukulele (1930)
Interior Miami (1972)
Sophie Teplitz & Abraham Frankel
Pink Pajamas (1927)

A lifetime of imaging


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We invite art enthusiasts, collectors, museum curators, and newcomers alike to visit the catalogue page and savor the talent and vision which sprang from a fearless, adventurous and generous heart. Throughout her life, Lefranc widely exhibited her oils, watercolors, drawings and other media, but Margaret Lefranc lives on through her works, which are still available for exhibition today. For more information, please visit the contact page. 


Now Available 

Experience a comprehensive look at the works of Margaret Lefranc through nearly a century of imaging. Fill out the contact form to inquire about ordering this coffee table book featuring a collection of works and an intriguing story of a vastly talented woman and artist. 


Prints for Sale

Click here to purchase a limited edition print from Margaret's personal collection of etching plates, printed on her very own press by Ron Pokrasso, Master Printermaker, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


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Branded products & marketing opportunities. 

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