Margaret in 1960
in Coconut Grove (Miami), FL,
preparing for an exhibition of oil paintings.
Photo: Annette Stevens Rada


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Margaret Lefranc Art Foundation

Recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3, the Margaret Lefranc Art Foundation is a tax-free, non-profit, charitable organization. Formed in 1994, the foundation functions as a repository for art works created by Margaret Lefranc and associated materials that document her life and times. The foundation's mission is to place on loan and to donate selected paintings to museums in order to promote Lefranc's legacy; to educate the public concerning Lefranc's position as an important artist of the twentieth century; to retain various paintings for traveling exhibitions; and to sell various works from the collection to generate income for art scholarships based on merit and need. The foundation has funded the publication of a major catalogue of Lefranc's work, produced a film about the artist; and developed this Web site, all in service of its mission.

In 1994, Lefranc placed part of her extensive painting collection and a contribution from a friend into a 501(c)3. Thereafter but prior to 1998, the artist funded the foundation with stock, cash, contributions from friends and additional paintings. Continued generous investment support from friends allows the Margaret Lefranc Art Foundation to pursue goals and objectives conducive to Lefranc's original mission. A donation to this foundation qualifies as a tax-deductible contribution.

Please print the Donation Form (PDF) and mail it to the address below.

You can become a "Friend of Margaret" through the foundation by contributing a corporate or company gift or by contributing an individual gift of any size or amount. Donations may consist of cash, stock, works of art, sponsorship of an exhibition or scholarship, or one may perform volunteer work for the foundation in a category of your expertise (for example, grant writing, computer skills, conservation or restoration, or cataloging). All donations are tax deductible.

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