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Friday, January 25th, 2008

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Humorous and inspiring, this account of Sandra McKenzie’s journey to save an artist’s 78-year collection of works is a testament to faith and endurance. It took McKenzie 18 years to secure Margaret Lefranc’s works within an active, growing foundation, during which she battled five long-running lawsuits in two states.


The Margaret Lefranc Foundation offers a variety of materials and services for artists and institutions seeking to learn more about Lefranc, her career and how she and Sandra McKenzie worked to secure her collection for future generations of scholars, collectors and art lovers. The materials and programs described below offer insight and inspiration to those who want to form their own foundations, are employed in the non-profit arts field and/or are interested in art conservation.

Educational Institutions and Museums:

This program consists of McKenzie’s 10-minute introductory speech, followed by a 45-minute film of Lefranc telling her own story with views of part of the art collection.

Trade Associations and Corporation Keynote Speaker:

This program offers a five-minute film clip of Lefranc with views of part of the art collection, followed by McKenzie’s 30-minute speech.

Training for Artists:
This program consists of a five-minute film clip of Lefranc, featuring part of the art collection and followed by McKenzie’s 35-minute discussion of the steps necessary to organize and catalogue an art collection for quick access. Artists will learn how a foundation serves to protect their work and how to form a foundation.


About Sandra McKenzie:
Sandra McKenzie
SANDRA MCKENZIE is president and director of the Margaret Lefranc Art Foundation. For the past decade, she has worked to save Lefranc’s extensive collection of artworks, dating from 1921, when Lefranc was 13-years-old, to 1998, the year of the artist’s death. McKenzie edited and directed the film, A Lifetime of Imaging: The Art of Margaret Lefranc, provided the research for a 413-page, full-color companion catalogue written by Lois Katz, and actively promotes Lefranc’s legacy through a foundation Web site, public appearances, publications, films and research.

McKenzie’s work in broadcasting and as a freelance writer and public speaker include:

  • The Secrets in Your Name, published by Great Quotations, with book signings at BookExpo America and bookstores (various locations)
  • Appearing on numerous television and radio stations in the United States discussing The Secrets in Your Name
  • Writing and broadcasting for Voice of America, Washington, D.C.
  • Working with author Harold Robbins on The Survivors televisions series
  • Hosting of the California radio show, Know Your Presidents
  • Performing on camera and providing off-camera voices for numerous radio and television commercials across the United States
  • Lecturer, trainer and educational consultant for Wang Laboratories, Roslyn, Virginia
  • Lecturer, contract groups for Sperry Unisys, McLean, Virginia
  • Presenter for AT&T, Orlando and Dayton Beach, Florida
  • Commencement Speaker

McKenzie has a B.A. in history from Florida International University in Miami.

McKenzie says, “Every artist needs a person dedicated to promoting her or his art. I am honored that Margaret, as a person and as an artist, entrusted me with her heartfelt world. She allowed me to find my mission and purpose for living by helping her to achieve her purpose.”

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